Fat Pipe Home ADSL

The data you need: Fat Pipe Home packages are data solutions designed to give consumers the best possible experience at an affordable price on either ADSL or high-speed VDSL connections. The advantage of the Fat Pipe Data bundles is that all unused data rolls over to the following month indefinitely* up to six times your current monthly cap, and doesn’t expire while you are subscribed to Fat Pipe. *T’s & C’s apply. Fat Pipe Home is available on any line speed and is completely unshaped for smooth surfing and streaming.

How It Works


  • Wide range of data bundles

    No matter what your data requirement, from entry level to high-end, Fat Pipe has the bundle size to suit your needs, ranging from 100GB to a whopping 1TB per month.

  • Monitor and Manage your data online

    Using the Vox customer zone, you are able to monitor your ADSL data usage online, upgrade your ADSL subscription, or purchase top-ups when you need them.

  • Surfers paradise

    From midnight to 6 a.m. every day we give you free, uncapped surfing. The data used during this window is not deducted from your data cap at all.

  • Unused Roll-over

    Don’t use it, don’t lose it! Unused Fat Pipe data rolls over to the next month, and the next, and will never expire if you don’t get around to using it. *T’s & C’s Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The ADSL service requires that you already have, or install, a Telkom phone (analogue/copper) line. Once the phone line is installed, Telkom or Vox activates the separate ADSL service on this phone line at an additional cost per month.
Yes. Fat Pipe data is not affected by your line speed at all.
No. Free uncapped surfing is just that - FREE! It does not get subtracted from your Fat Pipe data cap at all.
Yes. The maximum limit of unused (roll over) data is equal to six times your current monthly cap.
Assuming you didn’t use a single megabyte of data, for six consecutive months, all the data for those six months would accumulate and be available to you to use.
Yes. As long as you are subscribed to an ADSL service, the data account may be provided by another internet service provider (ISP).

Choose Your Package

Data Bundles Cost per month (VAT incl.)
Fat Pipe 100GB R99 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 200GB R199 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 300GB R299 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 400GB R399 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 500GB R499 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 600GB R599 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 800GB R799 Buy Now
Fat Pipe 1000GB R999 Buy Now

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