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alcatel pbx

  • Fully managed, on-site Alcatel PBX
  • Make the move to IP telephony at a low cost
  • Supports multiple technologies (TDM, IP, DECT and WLAN)
  • Market-leading, trusted brand
  • Unified communications and collaboration technology
  • Scalable and affordable


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Product Overview

Alcatel-Lucent is a recognised leader in the SME market, with proven credentials to deliver integrated, end-to-end communications solutions. Designed for SMEs, this portfolio includes the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX PBX, as well as a mobility and unified communications/collaboration (UC/C) suite of add-ons, which are delivered across both broadband and mobile networks. The add-ons offer cost control, security and usage features that support the needs of most SMEs.

Alcatel logoOne of the key advantages of this Alcatel PBX is the ability to integrate with your existing TDM environment and then migrate to cost-saving IP telephony when you are ready. The Alcatel PBX offers your business everything from basic analogue user requirements all the way through to advanced, end-to-end business communication, which means that it adapts as your business grows. The Alcatel PBX and the add-ons are modular, easy to use, and highly reliable.


Basic Features:

  • TDM, IP and DECT phone configuration
  • Voicemail functionality
  • Directory search functionality by name (qwerty keyboard-IP and digital handsets)
  • 3,000 directory name entries
  • Least cost routing (LCR) ready
  • Conferencing facility
  • Follow-me and diverts

Advanced features (included):

  • Welcome greeting (four company messages)
  • PIMphony Basic softphone
    • Integrate basic phone task management into your
    • PC environment
    • Make/answer calls
    • Call pick-ups
    • Enquiry calls
    • Place on hold
    • Transfer/one step transfers
    • Conferencing
    • Call forwarding
    • Call deflection
    • Call backs
    • Quick dial-drag and drop/copy and paste
    • Direct transfer to voicemail
    • Personal Assistant
    • Speed dialling
    • Number shortcuts

Additional Features:

  • Contact Centre
    • Omni Touch Call Centre Office
    • 32 agents
    • 8 groups
  • PIMphony Pro - same as Basic, but includes:
    • Contact Manager integration
    • Visual mailbox
    • Unified messaging
    • Dial-by-name-LDAP
    • Dial-by-name-PBX phone book
  • PIMphony Team - same as Pro, but includes:
    • Assistant feature
    • Single site supervisor
  • PIMphony Attendant - same As Team, but includes:
    • Multi-site supervisor
    • Phone book programming
    • User information programming
  • MY IC Mobile

Additional Features continued:

  • Smartphone integration (iPhone / Android)
  • One number service
  • My IC Web for Office
    • Configure your business phone and mobility options remotely from a computer or smartphone that’s connected to the internet
  • My IC Social Networks
    • Federated presence to all user contact both internal (PBX, Outlook, Active Directory) and external (social networks: Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Skype) as well as Outlook Calendar availability
    • Presence / collaboration
    • Conversation - click to dial, IM, Email
    • Telephony - call control, popup for incoming and outgoing calls, missed call notification
  • Smart Call Routing
    • Route incoming calls by analysing caller number, called number and optionally an account code seized by the caller
  • Audio Conferencing
    • 6 party conference bridge
    • Password protected


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