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mobile apn

  • Reduced employee data costs
  • Secure mobile connectivity into your network from anywhere
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
  • Managed service with one point of contact
  • Data budget notifications
  • Cost effective usage of bandwidth by allowing all users to utilise the same, cost effective bandwidth bundle


Product Overview

An APN (Access Point Name) is a gateway between a GPRS (or 3G, etc.) mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public internet. Vox Telecom’s APN data solutions are available as two packages:

Basic APN

Basic APN enables your staff to access the internet from anywhere via a mobile connection. Vox Telecom has dedicated interconnect links into MTN and Vodacom networks, which contributes to a secure, safe and reliable environment. The basic APN package offers your business:

  • The ability to connect from anywhere
  • The ability to connect via mobile devices
  • One account from Vox Telecom
  • Itemised billing reports
  • Data budget notifications

 Private APN

Private APN enables your staff to access your intranet from anywhere via a mobile connection. Employees can break out from your intranet to the internet via your MPLS, which ensures that your mobile team is always connected.

The Private APN package contributes to a more secure connection, monitoring of connections and controlling who have access to your connection, and offers your business:

  • The ability to connect from anywhere
  • The ability to connect via mobile devices
  • Access to your intranet
  • Specific access via MPLS
  • Itemised billing reports
  • Data budget notifications
  • Unlimited users
  • Unique AP name

Once a corporate APN has been setup, you can access the internet or intranet through a GSM network initially and then via Vox Telecom’s APN or MPLS network. As the SIM cards need to be provisioned for a specific APN, your business is ensured a secure connection to your network. Vox Telecom’s APN ensures that your employees are connected wherever they are. Perfect for travelling and remote sites, one APN can serve as a connection for multiple staff members.

Please Note: Private APN customers must have an existing MPLS solution from Vox Telecom.

Features and Benefits

Corporate intranet access
Your users can now connect remotely into a corporate intranet.

Data centre connectivity
APNs can be used to connect through to hosted servers sitting in the Vox Telecom DC.

Internet connectivity
You have to option of allowing your corporate APN to break out to the internet from the Vox Telecom MPLS network. This option requires an outsourced firewall and an internet breakout point.

You have the option to use an APN bundle on your APN. The in-bundle rates are cheaper than paying out-of-bundle (OOB) rates. A combined bundle for the entire APN is more cost effective than individual 3G packages. Manage the bundle from a centralised platform.

National connectivity
Where there is cellular connectivity, there will be GPRS connectivity, thereby allowing remote users to access your network via the Vox Telecom APN.

Instant connection; no dial-up modem connection are required.

International connectivity
If a user is roaming abroad and has roaming activated on their SIM, he/she will be able to access your network via the APN.

Gain access to a feature-rich SIM-management platform. Comprehensive usage reports, scheduled reports, top users are a few of the options associated with the platform. The customer can set consumption limit notifications on individual users. Data budget notifications can be sent to the user as well as an administrator.

Vox Telecom’s APN offer users the ability to work from anywhere and it is perfect for travel purposes and increasing productivity.

Dedicated bandwidth
Vox Telecom will dedicate bandwidth on the links between the network providers and Vox for exclusive use of the corporate APN.

Single point of contact
Your business will have one, dedicated point of contact and one bill from Vox Telecom.

You will deal solely with Vox Telecom in terms of SIM cards, support and billing. 




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