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Braintree, from Vox Telecom, is a collection of applications and technologies leveraging Microsoft’s server and application stack. When all, or various, components are designed and implemented in a logical and appropriate way by our experienced consultants, the results deliver real benefits to organisations with:

  • Streamlined systems and improved integration of key line of business applications
  • Visibility to appropriate data for meaningful decision making
  • Ease of use
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Increased operational efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is designed to simplify and streamline business processes across your entire organisation helping you gain better control, increase your margins, and drive profitable growth with out-ofthe-box business management functionality.

Financial management
  • Automate payables and receivables management
  • Efficiently manage cash flow, improve collections and control fixed assets
  • Streamline expense management
  • Simplify electronic bank reconciliation and funds transfer
  • Work with multiple currencies, locations and companies
Risk management
  • Set and manage security restrictions on any data fields, Windows and forms
  • Track and report on changes to all data fields and tables, and document approval of changes
  • Store and safeguard historical compliance and transactional information
  • Automate and centralise processes to help eliminate human error
  • Track production costs and manage work orders more effectively
  • Collect, organise and review changes to orders before they are authorised
  • Manage materials, components and assembles more effectively
  • Improve controls and enhance quality assurance
Business intelligence and reporting
  • Easily create and manage budgets
  • Access key business metrics in the Executive Centre
  • Increase insight with more than 225 built-in customisable
  • Use real-time notifications and alerts
  • Look for trends and relationships with predictive modelling capabilities
Supply chain management
  • Stay ahead of demands, expedite fulfilment and reduce lead times
  • Streamline purchasing and sales order processing
  • Improve inventory management
  • Connect with customers and suppliers to improve service
Project accounting
  • Connect project activities with company financials
  • Comprehensive control of revenues, project costs and budgets
  • Manage timesheets, project resources and project related expense claims
  • Control revenue recognition compliant with IFRS
IT management
  • Adapt to your needs with built-in personalisation and customisation tools
  • Integrate data from external sources
  • Streamline deployment and future upgrades
  • Easily connect mobile and remote workers

Business intelligence

Giving everyone within the organisation a powerful way to work with data. Microsoft BI is based on SQL Server Technology that provides enhanced security and scalability. The server has been voted as the least vulnerable database for 5 consecutive years.

Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence

Data representation and reporting

Empowers users to build traditional, paper-oriented or fully-interactive, web-based reports with the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel, allowing them to personalise their reports to accommodate different audiences.

Representing data in SharePoint

Displays content within a web browser in an understandable and collaborative environment by means of interactive dashboards. Visualises KPIs and other reports in the form of scorecards and analytical reports, with advanced filtering, guided navigation and interactive analytical features. Provides status indicators through one-line reports that show whether performance is on or off target for a particular measure.

Financial and operational reporting

Provide users with access to a highly scalable platform for financial and operational reporting for browser-based viewing and ad-hoc data exploration and visualisation.


Provides self-service capabilities for data discovery, analysis, and visual exploration based on Excel.

Customer relationship management

CRMProvide sales staff with the tools and information for a holistic view of customers. Built on a fle xible platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software provides a solution that evolves with business changes.

Business Intelligence

Easy user adoption

Provide users access to role-based information and customer management capabilities in the familiar applications in daily use. MS Outlook look-and-feel.

Adapt quickly to business changes

Adapt quickly to changing markets with a CRM solution that is designed with the flexibility to grow and change with your business. Quickly deploy and customise your CRM application to fit your business needs with pointand-click customisation.

Attain a holistic view of customers

Turn disparate data into actionable information by making it available to the staff who need it most. Consolidate data stored throughout the enterprise, whether in lineof- business systems, custom applications, or on users’ desktops. These empower the everyday CRM users with easy reporting and actionable analytics.

Accelerate project delivery and returns

Deliver quick wins for business, IT, and finance with rapid return on investment at a low total cost of ownership. Streamlined installation and simplified administration features help you get up and running quickly.


Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 enables employees to collaborate easily with team members on specific projects, find organisation resources, manage content and share ideas all within a single integrated system.

Document management

Consolidate diverse content from various files and personal drives into one central document repository. Documents are managed by business units and functions. Document templates allow for new documents to comply with predefined standards.

Document approval workflow

Routes documents from one person to another, so that each user is capable of completing his/her o wn document management tasks by means of a workflow process. The receiver of the document is notified about a new pending document needing his/her attention, and is directed to it for approval, publication, signing or disposition.


Fast document retrieval, as well as across documents metadata, is accommodated with the capabilities of narrowing down searches through filtering and refining. This is performed by displaying search results listed by date, author, location, content type, relevance or predefined metadata tags. This is also applicable for scanned documents

Version management

Enables exclusive editing by one user. Upon check-in, a new version with the latest changes is created, without discarding earlier versions of the document. Document retention policy enables control of a document lifecycle, which is particularly relevant for compliance-related documentation.

Shared team workspace

The ability to create project or department team-based sites for sharing of calendars and meeting notes, tracking of individual’s work progress and the collection of team emails and documents in a single location.

Reporting dashboards

Data from disparate business systems are presented on consolidated dashboards, enabling a complete view of individual and team progress as well as KPI analysis.

Managed services

Awareness of fiscal and statutory requirements is a critical step in ensuring that an organisation thrives.

Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Invoicing and account receivable management
  • Accounts payable and accruals management
  • Bank management and reconciliation
  • Inventory management
  • Journal processing and provisioning
  • Cash collections and credit control
Financial management & reporting
  • Flexible management reports
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow report

A flexible engagement model to meet varying business requirements.

Statutory reporting
  • Provision for audit, accounting and secretarial information
  • PAYE reconciliations and returns
  • VAT reconciliations and returns
Payroll and human resources
  • Monthly and weekly paid salaries and wages
  • Payroll and leave processing
  • IR and skills development consulting
  • Recruitment

Managed Services

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