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bulk mailer

Simple-to-use bulk emailing with real-time tracking and social media sharing

  • Easy-to-use, online bulk email marketing platform
  • Create bulk emails and customise them with ease
  • Post your content to multiple social accounts
  • Create mobile campaigns in three easy steps
  • Add social sharing icons for subscribers to share newsletter content
  • Schedule, trigger and share campaigns automatically
Bulk Mailer


  • Monthly

    Starting from R114.00

    From 500, up to 300 000 recipients PLUS 100 FREE VIEW MORE

  • Pay-As-You-Go

    Starting from R227.00

    From 1000, up to 100 000 recipients PLUS 100 FREE VIEW MORE

  • SMS

    Starting from

    From 500, up to 100 000 recipients (32c per recipient) VIEW MORE

Please Note:

  • BONUS: Receive 100 Free emails with your initial purchase!
  • The price is based on the number of recipients
  • All prices are VAT inclusive


Product OverviewProduct Overview

Use Bulk Mailer to send millions of email messages to your customers and subscribers. With Bulk Mailer from Vox Telecom, you can compose messages quickly and easily online, and then share them via email, mobile or social mediums. Build richer customer relationships and understanding elements such as social media shares, bounces, subscribes, unsubscribes, profile updates and complaints.

Send high quality newsletters to current and prospective customers, view reports on who has read, clicked on a link or unsubscribed, and generate revenue with a few clicks. Available as a “pay-as-you-go” model, Bulk Mailer is designed around email credits that carry over from month to month until finished, giving you the freedom of purchasing large quantities up front or simply paying as you go with no monthly commitment.

The Bulk Mailer interface offers a simple interface with a rich feature set, including pre-designed email templates, contacts management, auto-response messages, scheduling and triggers, one-click social media integration, geo-reporting and heat mapping 

Product Sheet


Not sure how to get started? Read our "How To" guide for more information.


Product OverviewFeatures

  • Email
    Choose a free HTML templates to design a custom email
    Schedule, trigger and share campaigns automatically.
    Track subscriber engagement and ROI
  • Subscribers
    Add more subscribers and grow your contact list
    Manage your contact lists and get to know your subscribersSegment and target your contact list for better results
  • Analytics
    Rich campaign reports
    List performance and trends across all your lists
    Pull in-depth contact reports to monitor contact activity on delivered messages
  • Mobile
    Create SMS/mobile campaigns
    Send smart SMSes targeting specific subscriber demographics
  • Social
    Subscribers can share content with their social circlesPost your content to multiple social accounts
  • Integration
    Google analytics - measure how much traffic your email campaigns drive to your website
    Build subscription forms and watch your subscriber base grow

Packages Available

Monthly Email Packages

PLUS: Receive 100 Free emails with your initial purchase!

Number of Subscribers  Send Limit Monthly Cost* Once Off Set-up Fee*  
0 - 500 Unlimited R114.00 R50.00 BUY NOW
501 - 1 000 Unlimited R169.00 R50.00 BUY NOW 
1 001 - 2 500 Unlimited R339.00 R50.00 BUY NOW 
2 501 - 5 000 Unlimited R565.00 R50.00 BUY NOW 
5 001 - 10 000 Unlimited R848.00 R50.00 BUY NOW


Pay-As-You-Go Email Packages

Basic Package.

It is necessary to purchase the “base” Bulk Mailer product in order to use our Pay-As-You-Go options.

This initial once-off purchase has no cost associated with it, and is purely to create you as a Bulk Mailer customer on our system, so that you can buy Pay-As-You-Go credits online as and when you need them.

New Customers:
On completion of this simple registration/buy process you will receive your unique credentials so that you can login to our secure portal and buy your Pay-As-You-Go credits.

Existing Customers:
On completion of this buy process you will be prompted to login to our secure portal with your existing credentials to buy your Pay-As-You-Go credits. 




Email Packages

PLUS: Receive 100 Free emails with your initial purchase!

Number of Email Credits Website Old Pricing Website New Pricing Saving  


R219.00 R8.00 TOP UP NOW
2,500 R398.00 R384.00 R14.00
6,000 R683.00 R659.00 R24.00
12,000 R934.00 R901.00 R33.00
20,000 R1,276.00 R1,231.00 R45.00
35,000 R1,606.00 R1,550.00 R56.00
50,000 R1,777.00 R1,715.00 R62.00
100,000 R3,305.00 R3,189.00 R116.00


Pay-As-You-Go SMS Packages

SMS Packages

Number of Recipients Website Old Pricing Website New Pricing Savings  
500 R160.00 R130.00 R30.00 TOP UP NOW
1,000 R308.00 R250.00 R58.00
2,000 R593.00 R480.00 R113.00
5,000 R1,425.00 R1,150.00 R275.00
10,000 R2,736.00 R2,200.00 R536.00
20,000 R5,244.00 R4,200.00 R1,044.00
30,000 R7,524.00 R6,000.00 R1,524.00
50,000 R11,970.00 R9,500.00 R2,470.00
100,000 R22,800.00 R18,000.00 R4,800.00

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