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cloudbackup pro

Fully automated online backup solution

  • Backs up servers, desktops, applications, databases and files for recovery purposes
  • Fast incremental backups
  • 100% restorable
  • Flexible backup schedules and multiple backup sets
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Customisable retention policy
  • Seed-load utility


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R45 /month
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R175 /month
CloudBackup PRO


Product Overview

Cloud backup pro

On-premises, online or hybrid backups

CloudBackup Pro is a versatile backup application that backs up databases, applications and virtual machines to local and offsite destinations, e.g. local hard disk, on-premises backup appliance, and backup server located in Vox Telecom’s state-of-the-art data centre.

Available, dedicated server backup modules*

CloudBackup Pro has dedicated backup modules for VMWare, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Group (DAG), Microsoft Exchange Database, Microsoft Exchange Mailbox, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino/ Notes, MySQL, and Windows Bare Metal. *Modules are not included but are available at an additional subscription.

High speed

Speed is critical in business backups. CloudBackup Pro is one of the fastest backup applications and is equipped with speed optimising technologies, including multi-threading, In-File Delta, fast indexing, small files optimisation, unwanted file exclusion filter, etc.

100% restorable

Customers expect a smooth restore process. With CloudBackup Pro, your backup data is 100% restorable, as the corresponding CloudBackup Pro backup server has regular cyclic redundancy checks, an integrity checking mechanism that ensures the restorability.




Continuous data protection Monitors changes made to the selected files and folders and backs them up in real-time. Allows you to backup open files without additional plug-ins. Multiple backup sets Create three dedicated backup sets, each with its own configurations
Backup schedule Daily, weekly, monthly and custom backup schedules Backup reminders System log-out reminder | Off-line reminder
Multi-threading Create 2 threads per CPU's core, during backup or restoration Backup filter Allows user to filter the files and folders to be included or excluded in a backup set by their extensions
In-file delta The original file is only backed up once. Only subsequent changes are backed up after that. Local Backup User is able to keep a copy of the backup data on the local hard-disk for fast restoration.
Security Password protected | 256-bit encryption | 256-bit SSL transmission. One time restore multiple versions Restore once and then select the version of the file you wish to keep.
Compression User configurable compression Proxy server support Simply enter the dedicated proxy server's information in CB Pro and that's it.
Retention Policy Flexible retention policy - allows a user to define how long the locally deleted files are going to be retained on the backup server. Seedload Utility Faster alternative way for the customers to transfer large backup data (during the first backup job) onto the cloud backup server without having to upload the data through the Internet.

Calculate your speed

Calculate your upload time *

Your estimated upload speed is:
Size of File to be uploaded:

Please Note:

  • The above result is an estimate only, and only valid at the time of the calculation and the device used
  • The result cannot be guaranteed as it is service provider and line speed dependent
  • Upload cost is dependent on your connectivity plan
  • You will be billed by your internet provider for all data costs incurred when transferring your data
  • For a successful initial backup please ensure your computer is ON and “Sleep Mode” is disabled
  • The time frame for large backups is dependent on connection speed and data size and varies from 5 hours to a few days


* Upload time too long? Consider using our USB solution @R649 per physical data backup


USB drive is delivered to your door.

Backup to USB

You are assisted by our call centre to upload your *data onto the USB drive.
(* 1TB maximum per USB backup)


Couriers will collect the USB drive, with your encrypted data on from you.


We upload your encrypted data to the cloud. Your data is completely safe!

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Payment Options

You will have the option of purchasing via debit order or credit card.
Please allow 3 to 4 working days, for your order to be processed.


You will receive two emails:
Email 1 – New Customers only: Your Vox Telecom Customer Zone details within a few hours of purchase.
Email 2 – Your Username, Password (which you should change after installing the CloudBackup software) and download links for the install guide and user guide.
Encryption - Encryption keys cannot be recovered. Please keep multiple copies of your encryption key, safe and secure!

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