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guardian eye

  • 24-hour, event-driven remote monitoring service
  • Get the most return from your current data link
  • Guardian Eye utilises after-hours “down-time”
  • Cut out guarding-related problems, such as the high cost and intimidation of personnel, collusion by guards and ineffective patrolling
  • Remotely control access gates, server rooms, building lighting, etc.
  • Keep your armed response contractors honest by monitoring service levels and response times
  • Give your armed response contractor constant visibility to your premises
Guardian Eye


Product Overview

Guardian Eye is a pioneering way in which CCTV installation is utilised to monitor and control businesses premises via a remote control room environment. Manned by professional industry accredited personnel, it provides immediate re-action to alarm incidents through public or directed IP communication to the actual site and by alerting armed response emergency services and the SAPS where applicable. In addition, full access control can be remotely conducted by our control room.

Historically, the effectiveness of monitoring was limited by the quality of the on-site guard monitoring the installation or merely as a reactive recording tool for criminal activity that has taken place. Remote monitoring, in turn, has been hampered to date by insufficient bandwidth required to properly transmit high resolution video imagery. The Cristal Vox or Vox Telecom data solutions last mile access into a customer’s premises resolves this issue, as the mostly uncontended bandwidth required for voice, video or data transmission can also be utilised for this service – without incurring any additional costs to enable Guardian Eye. This is especially relevant for after-hours monitoring where the client’s Vox Telecom links are underutilised. Our offering can include a 24-hour event driven service, for example, remote access control. The client has access to all on-site recordings and can view such via web access.

Features and Benefits

  • Leverage maximum ROI from existing Vox Telecom connectivity
  • Common on-site guarding related problems such a the high cost and intimidation of personnel, collusion by guards in criminal activity and ineffective patrolling are significantly reduced or eliminated
  • IP interaction with the site effectively warns off intruders before break in and damage to property occurs
  • Remotely control of access gates, server rooms, building, lighting, etc.
  • Premises visibility provides your armed response contractor with insight into the situation they are responding to, which increases safety levels and the likelihood of making arrests
  • Monitor the armed response contractors service levels and response times
  • Guardian Eye is a turnkey solution extending from the site design through to monitoring and maintenance
  • Open platform, allowing integration into existing CCTV equipment
  • Provisioning of cameras onto a world class back-end platform
  • Stable and secure high quality video transmission
  • Full disaster recovery plan
  • Comprehensive incident reports within 24 hours
  • Regular updates and system enhancements at no extra cost
  • Proactive and reactive on-going support and monitoring
  • Full hardware, installation and maintenance plan


Guardian Eye

Product Sheet

Product Sheet

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