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mpls vpn

  • Professionally managed and supported Virtual Private Network (VPN) service
  • Connect to your network, securely and from anywhere
  • Infrastructure is based on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
  • QoS and CoS traffic engineering options
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing intranets
  • Unbelievable uptime due to Vox Telecom’s fully meshed and redundant network
  • Easily plug your smaller ADSL branches into the MPLS networ
mpls vpn


Product Overview

Vox Telecom’s network-based, managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable transport of critical applications across a unified platform. The infrastructure is based on industry leading switching products and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), offering consistent feature functionality. MPLS technology replaces traditionally older technologies such as a Layer 2 Switch network as well as a Wide Area Network (WAN) with a fully-outsourced world-wide de facto MPLS VPN.

Up to now, most VPNs have been provisioned using Layer 2 technologies, such as Frame Relay and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), however, the problem with Layer 2 VPN technology is that it does not scale well. As the network grows, the number of required virtual circuits achieving optimal routing scales non-linearly. It is also difficult to provide traffic engineering using a Layer 2 VPN approach. To achieve the security that is required for corporate users, virtual private networks (VPNs) can be used to guarantee that traffic is securely tunnelled over the internet.


  • Advanced IP routing technology establishes and prioritises route assignments
  • Quality of Service/Class of Service traffic engineering capabilities for mission-critical applications
  • Provides the reliability and security of an MPLS-based IP-enabled network that is independent of transport and access type
  • Compatible with standard edge routers(service/application dependant)
  • Limits the distribution of a VPN’s routes to only those routers that are members of the VPN
  • Provides scalable connectivity for extended intranets and extranets and encompasses multiple businesses
  • Availability and performance based Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Pro-active monitoring, fault reporting and resolution.
  • 24/7/365 support centre


  • Ideal for businesses that require a professionally managed and supported VPN network
  • Connect anywhere, anyhow using access technologies such as wireless, Ethernet, DSL, GSM, Diginet, Satellite and Fibre
  • Remote workers have seamless access to network resources, as if in headquarter locations
  • Minimises investment in equipment and resources with fully outsourced options available
  • Optimises current network investments while your network evolves into an integrated IP VPN solution
  • Provides a platform for rapid deployment of additional Internet Protocol (IP) services, including intranets, extranets, voice, multimedia and network commerce
  • Ensures cost efficiency by allowing customers to prioritise business-critical applications while simultaneously allowing them to use lower, cheaper classes of service where appropriate
  • Provides seamless integration with customer intranets
  • Ensures privacy and security with customer networks - completely isolated and no component of their network accessible to unauthorised parties
  • Combines data and inter-office voice and video - making connection for small offices viable


 mpls vpn


Product Sheet

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