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verto standard

  • Cloud-based IP telephony for corporates
  • Superior voice quality over fibre, Diginet or microwave last mile connectivity
  • Managed services model that saves you money and future proofs your business
  • Scalable and flexible (pay per user)
  • Robust and reliable technology
  • Scalable and affordable
  • Inclusive SLA
  • LAN assessment to confirm IPT readiness
  • Wide range of features, including voicemail,conferencing, music on hold and queuing
Verto Standard


Product Overview

Verto Standard, from Vox Telecom, is a fully managed, open-sourced hosted IP telephony solution for corporates. Utilising fibre, Diginet or microwave last miles, Verto Standard is flexible and customisable, and offers full scalability for your business as it grows. Being a hosted solution, there is minimal capital investment – simply buy as and when you require, contracting per extension user. Verto Standard offers superb quality telephony at a fraction of the price of traditional PBX solutions.

Verto Standard offers versatility and full redundancy if required, and the option exists to port your number/s to the Vox Telecom network, thereby empowering your business to save on all outbound and inbound calls.

All telephony is centralised and streamlined to ensure improved communication and 24/7/365 support. Combined with Vox Telecom’s Cristal Vox voice product and the proprietary hosted Call Manager TMS monitoring package, Verto Standard offers users a feature-rich and fully customisable hosted PBX solution that will ensure lower capital investment and telephony costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Limited capital outlay
  • Guaranteed professional managed service
  • PBX features such as voicemail, conferencing, music on hold, queuing and automatic call distribution included as standard, but access to a wide range of features
  • Based on a per user, per feature model
  • Project management and on-going maintenance (24/7/365 monitoring)
  • Risk free service delivery
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Future proof
  • Security and redundancy
  • National footprint for installation and support


Verto Standard


Product Sheet

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