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vox aura wi-fi public sector

WiFi for Commercial and Public Sector
With an easy to use, secure guest WiFi in your commerical building, you can provide the visitors to your premises, with an interactive, informative and engaging visit.

Picture this

In the office of the future, your guest is already authorised as a user on your Wi-Fi, before they arrive. They'll receive a welcome message on their mobile device, while you get an alert that your guests have entered the building. The meeting room is already booked and the aircon and lights switched on. Your guest uses the wayfinding tool to find their way to reception.

Sounds futuristic, doesn't it? But with Vox Aura WiFi this technology is already here and ready to go.

Vox Aura WiFi is secure and provides a separate connection for business, which means your sensitive information cannot be accessed by guests. The fast and secure connection is compliant with best practices and with content filtering, blacklisted content and other specific sites are blocked.


Secure WiFi

Guests and staff are on separate networks, keeping your sensitive information safe and your WiFi legally compliant.
Social WiFi

With Free WiFi,  staff and visitors can easily engage with your company on social platforms, boosting your social profile.
Content Filtering

Unwanted URLs or specific sites are blocked automatically.
Welcome Guests

Automatically connect your guests to the WiFi so that they can use the wayfinding tool to meet at reception.



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