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We all want constant, high quality connectivity. Whether your traditional or fixed-line service needs a little help, or you’re in an area that doesn’t have high quality bandwidth - going wireless will get you connected fast, with minimal fuss. You never have to worry about coverage either, as we have partnered with several service providers to bring you an extensive national network.  

Our solutions include the following:


Imagine having a high-speed connection without having to share. Our licensed service gives you private access to your business or home wireless connection.
Vox Telecom provide the following licensed dedicated links:

Vox Wireless

If you want to complement your traditional, fixed-line or last mile connection, or need an alternative connection, Vox’s Wireless solution is perfect for you. You can expect a high-quality, dedicated connection, with a fast network you can rely on.


Broadlink is ideal for businesses that need to boost their connectivity or need an alternative connection to traditional, fixed-line or last mile access services. You get fixed-wireless, point-to-point data, which means you have a dedicated wireless connection at your office.


If you’re happy to share, our unlicensed spectrum gives you the most affordable wireless access. This is done on an open spectrum, which is accessed by other surrounding devices. This is not recommended for mission critical networks. Vox distributes the following unlicensed dedicated links:


Think you’ve run out of last mile access options?

Not so fast! RapidNet gives you an open spectrum wireless access service that is monitored 24/7.

Stressing about connectivity is a thing of the past!


We have partnered with independent network infrastructure player, Amobia, to bring you the best high-speed wireless corporate branch connectivity solutions. Amobia is perfect for sites where last mile access options have been exhausted. Every business is different, select a solution to suit your needs and budget.

Broadband solutions

Vox Telecom resells several broadband solutions like:

Fat Pipe Home Wireless

High-speed wireless internet for your home and small business.

(Please note this is currently only available in Heidelberg,Port Elizabeth, Krugersdorp & North Riding)

NeoBroadband Wireless

Get the broadband of the future. NeoBroadband Wireless offers you a future proof, technology agnostic fixed-wireless network in a medium most suited to you. This means you get an LTE, WiMAX or Omni solution which you can simply plug and play into your current infrastructure.


Get a reliable, consistent experience over a fixed-wireless network. This product is particularly suited to customers accessing the internet in the 5,8GHz spectrum.

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